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Instituto Valle de Mexicali

Middle School and High School


Welcome to our  Marist family of Instituto Valle de Mexicali.



The English language program of Instituto Valle de Mexicali focuses in developing the four linguistic skills that our children would require as future global citizens to overcome social, academic and professional challenges.


Since 50 years ago, our students are educated to become happy and successful professionals, aware of the world they live in. In Secondary school, the students (who are naturally curious and creative) will use their knowledge of the English language to learn and develop knowledge and skills from other subjects by analyzing and discerning between different sources of information, they will express their creative conclusions or proposals orally and in a written form applying highly technical academic vocabulary.  


Every teacher of Instituto Valle de Mexicali lives  the message of Saint Marceline Champagnat  that says: “To teach children, one must love them.”

Aware of the several educational needs of each student that we receive in High school, we have adapted the English program to bring you three different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced business level.


As you see, the students are guided during their development process with the proper tools to face the challenges of nowadays world. Therefore, to be able to register and keep track of the constant development of our students, they can certify their English language level through an international certification, as well as being prepared to certify their academic level with the SAT Subject Test (which is a requirement for students to be accepted in universities worldwide).